Business Directory

Business Directory

This comprehensive directory is your ultimate guide to everything you need to know about the businesses in Plaquemines Parish. Whether you're a local resident or a visitor, our directory is designed to help you find the perfect restaurant, park, fishing charter, or accommodation to suit your needs. Our vibrant community boasts a wide range of businesses, from small mom-and-pop shops to world-class resorts, all of which are dedicated to providing you with the best possible experience. So why wait? Start exploring Plaquemines Parish today!

Fishing Guides & Charters

Adventure Charters
Capt. Bobby Warren
Adventure South Guide Service
Capt. Shane Mayfield
Austin Ourso
Austin Ourso
Bayou Log Cabins
Capt. Clay Boudreaux
Bayside Charters
Capt. Carl Smith
Big 'O' Charters
Owen Langridge
Blaize Charters LLC
Jacques Blaize
Blue Mudd Charters
John West
Bow Deadly Charters
Capt. Richard Cotten
Bowfishing Unlimited
CW Guide Service, LLC
Christopher Labure
Cajun Country Fishing Guides
David Iverson
Cajun Fishing Adventures
Capt. Ryan Lambert
Cajun Fishing Adventures
Terry Fishing Adventures
Cajun Fishing Adventures
Todd Seither
Cajun Fishing Adventures
Cody Obiol
Cajun Fishing Adventures
Joe Dimarco
Cajun Fishing Adventures
Ross Montet
Cajun Hookers LLC
Cody Bulot
Cajun Knot Reel Adventures
Michael Wilkerson
Cajun Unlimited
Jesse Morris Jr
Capt. Lance Fishing Charters
Lance Mccall
Captain Morgan Charters
David Morgan
Champion Fishing Charters
Chandler Cataldie
Crews N Guide Services
Stephen Crews
Custom Charters LLC
Tommy Pellegrin
DB Charters
Dennis Bardwell
Dageaux Fishing Charters
Santo Guerrera
Daybreak Charters
Rodney Messmer
Dead Reds Unlimited
Ray 'Buddy' Bergeron
Deep Delta Bowfishing
Capt. Rodney Boudreaux
Delta Blue Sport Fishing, Inc.
Joh. Coulon
Dixie Riverside Charters
Patrick Dickinson
Donewar's Saltwater Guide Service
Jody Donewar
Driftset Fishing LLC
Justin Fayard
Dudenhefer's Fishing Charters
Dude Dudenhefer
Duvalle's Cajun Charters LLC
Calvin Duvalle
El Viejo Fishing Charters, LLC
Jeffery Garcia
Explore Kayak Adventures
Capt. Phillip Logan
Extreme Bowfishing
Fin Hunter Guide Services, LLC
Jarrod Denise
Fin Twisters Fishing Guide Service
Walter Heathcock
Fin and Feather Guide Service
Jeff J. Dauzat
Fish Venice
Michael Pittman
Fish Venice Charters
Eddie Burger
Fishhunter Guide Service
Nash Roberts III and IV
Fishon Guide Service
Shawn Lanier
Fry'n Pan Fishing
Zachary Mouton
Gene's Fishing Charters
Eugene Hoover
Giant Reds
Gregg Arnold
Got To Fish
Jay Winters
Gotcha Hooked Guide Service
Sal Fontana
Grand Slam Charters, LLC
Johnny Powell
Gringo Services
James Guerineau
Hardly Workin' Fishing Charters
Jason Ward
Hebert's Saltwater Charters
Brett Hebert
Home Run Fishing Charters
Capt. John Pisa
Hook Em South Charters LLC
Christopher Pelas
Hook&Reel Charters
Corey Gradwohl
Hook'Em South Charters, LLC
Christopher Pelas
Hooked on a Feelin
David Stevens
Hurricane Bay Charters LLC
Casey Brunning
Insight Charters, LLC
Christopher "Troy" Creppel
Intensity Offshore Outfitters
Capt. Josh Bodenheimer
Kayak Venice Louisiana
Capt. Brian Sherman
Lotta Fun Fishing Charters
Jude Montet
Louisiana Bluewater Charter Company
Triston Elston
Louisiana Fishing Guide Service
Jonathan Allen
Louisiana Inshore Adventures
Chad Horton
Louisiana Offshore Fishing Charters
Troy Wetzel
Louisiana Sightfishing
Captain Ty Hibbs
Louisiana redfish Master Charter Services
Edward J, IV Adams
Mexican Gulf Fishing Company
Wade Wells
Native Adventures
Nick Sassic
Nick Sassic
Offshore Sportfishing Charters
Brett Ryan
Paradise Outfitters
Capt. Hunter Caballero
Paradise Outfitters
Rene Luminais
Paradise Plus
Dave Leblanc
Paradise Plus Guide Service, INC.
Anthony Randazzo
Redfish Lodge Of Louisiana
Mike Frenette
Reel Slippery Fishing Charters
Nick Lapre
Relentless Sportfishing
Joey Davis
Rivers End Outfitters, LLC
Chris Wilson
Rod Benders Charters
Pete Millers
Run Away Charters
Cade Thomas
Run N' Gun Outfitters
Jone Lemle
Saltgrass Outdoors
Capt. Raymond Schmitt
Saltgrass Outdoors
Isaac Schmitt
Saltwater Therapy Charters
Eric Olsen
Salty Marsh Charters
Capt. Jacob Morris
Scale Damage Bowfishing
Capt. Josh Gait
Seawind Charter LLC
Eddie Vangordon
Shallow South
Miles Larose
Southeast Charters
Sal Gagliano
Southeast Venice Fishing
Capt. Sal Gagliano
Southern Exposure Inland Fishing Charters
Roger Rosendale
Southern Style Bowfishing
Capt. Alan Yedo
Super Strike Charters
Capt. Damon McKnight
Super Strike Charters
Damon Mcknight

Eco Tour Guides

Da Bayou Experience Tours
Delta Discovery Tours

Explore Kayak Adventures
Kayak Venice Louisiana
Louisiana Marsh Tours
Saltgrass Outdoors
Southern Seaplane

Hunting Guides

Adventure Charters
Capt. Bobby Warren
Bow Deadly Bowfish Charters
Capt. Richard Cotten
Cajun Fishing Adventures
Capt. Ryan Lambert
High Point Shooting Grounds
Home Run Fishing Charters & Lodges
Capt. John Pisa
Limitless Waterfowl
Capt. Kevin Drury
Paradise Plus
Capt. Anthony & Julie Randazzo



Dad's Bar and Grill LLC. Restaurant
Lucky Ryan Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine

Parks & Refuges

Delta National Wildlife Refuge
Woodlands Conservancy

Historical Sites

Believe it or not

Fort De La Boulaye

Fort St. Phillip