66th annual ICAST (International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades)

In a fantastic event that celebrated the world of sport fishing and outdoor recreation, the Plaquemines Parish Tourism Commission joined forces with the Louisiana Office of Tourism to take part in the 66th annual ICAST (International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades). This noteworthy occasion, recognized as the World's Largest Sportfishing Trade Show, provided an exceptional platform for the commission to showcase the captivating charm of Plaquemines Parish.

Through an engaging booth featuring beautiful banners and charming souvenirs, the
event made a lasting impact on attendees, sparking enthusiasm for travel to this hidden gem
within Louisiana.

ICAST, held annually, serves as a hub for fishing manufacturers, retailers, media professionals,
and other stakeholders to converge, share insights, reveal cutting-edge innovations, and
cultivate new partnerships. The Plaquemines Parish Tourism Commission seized the
opportunity to present the parish as a premier destination for anglers and nature enthusiasts.
The commission's booth served as a portal into the vibrant world of Plaquemines Parish.
Striking banners showcased the parish's lush marshlands, winding bayous, and vibrant
communities, setting the stage for an unparalleled adventure. Representatives from the
commission, embodying the warmth of Louisiana hospitality, engaged visitors with firsthand
knowledge of the region, sharing the experiences and the treasures awaiting those who choose
Plaquemines Parish as their next travel destination.

To ensure a lasting impression, the Plaquemines Parish Tourism Commission went above and
beyond by offering a diverse array of promotional materials. Attendees were delighted to receive
brochures that showcased the full spectrum of activities and explorations available in the parish.
Visitors were also treated to charming Plaquemines Parish magnets, keychains, and other
souvenirs. These tangible mementos served as constant reminders of the captivating
destination that awaits them in the heart of Louisiana.

One of the most significant aspects of participating in ICAST was the opportunity to foster
invaluable partnerships within the travel and outdoor industry. The collaboration with the
Louisiana Office of Tourism facilitated meaningful interactions with travel agents, tour operators,
and fishing enthusiasts from across the globe.

Participation in ICAST marked a truly remarkable chapter for the Plaquemines Parish Tourism
Commission. The event provided an unparalleled platform to unveil the parish's natural beauty,
capturing the attention of fishing enthusiasts, nature lovers, and adventure seekers alike.
The commission left ICAST knowing their presence encouraged event goers to plan their own
adventure and explore the beauty that awaits in Plaquemines Parish!

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